About VMPS School Raisinghnagar

VMPS or Vivekanand Memorial Public School is a school in Raisinghnagar. This was the first English middle school in the city founded in 1981 by the Honorary Incharge of the school Mr. Mathura Das Kinra. Ii has a campus of 5-acre (20,000 sq.m). Founder of the school Mr. Mathura Das Kinra was inspired by his father Late Choudhary Ram Narayan Kinra,
. LOCATION: The school shifted to its permanent /present location in July1985. New school building is designed for strength of 1500 students providing all the modern educational facilities including smart class rooms with projectors.

MANAGEMENT: Vivekanand Memorial Public School 12 P.S., Raisinghnagar is managed by a local managing committee headed by the Incharge. Principal manages the overall functioning of the school. Management meetings are organized on a quarterly basis to ensure the progress of the school.

The school Aims and Objectives are: -

(a) To impart quality education to the children without distinction of their status.

(b) To promote academic excellence, discipline, personal character, high sense of values and national integration among children.

(c) To promote sports and co-curricular activities for all round development of child.

Our motto is “Know Thy Self”. With the team of efficient teachers and under the able guidance of the Incharge and the Principal, we will continue to strive for excellence.
Teachers and students begin their journey as strangers, as they get involved in teaching-learning process. This relationship of teaching-learning goes beyond school. At times it becomes a lifelong process. It's nice to see that our students have been performing so well.

We all dream that our children should do well because we consider them the best. We push them, at times, pamper them, and go out of the way to make them participate so that they come in the lime light and perform well. In this process of pampering them, at times, we keep them away from the realities of life. We make them soft.

Are we raising a soft generation? This question often comes to mind when we come across children who look for comforts and avoid labour. This question also strikes when parents approach seeking comforts for their kids.

We must remember that these children have to face increasingly difficult and complex world realities. Are we preparing them for these situations or offering them undue protection and special treatment on one ground or the other? Dear children, physical and mental toughness are one of the biggest survival assets. If we do not work for building the strengths at the growing age, then when will we do so?

We are becoming physically soft and mentally comfort loving. Increased incomes have made our homes our comfort zones. At times, as students, they demand privileges. No wonder there is a demand for air condition schools. Parents feel that they have so much wealth that their children should have such luxuries.

This brings to mind, the recent debate related to the educational reforms in the light of Class-X Board examinations. The debate seems to have entered a groove where the only concern is stress caused by exams. We have ignored the fact that stress or pressure of examinations is not entirely caused by the exams but there is another factor of competition. Competition has become a part of the present day life. By focusing only on stress, we run the risk of diluting the quality of learning and lowering the benchmarks of achievements. This seems that we do not have faith in the capacity of our children and, therefore, give them experience far below their capabilities.

We should prepare our children to see the other side of life too. Our mental conditioning to look at only the rosy side of the picture will retard development of our future generation. They have to face challenges of life as they grow up. They have to take up responsibilities and make decisions; will they be able to do so successfully, if we do not let them experience any hardships? Let's teach them the realities of life. Restrictions do not mean lack of freedom - it is channelizing the growth environment. In our mind the biggest fear is not of disease or death but of boredom.