Developing Integrated Curriculum for Effective Learning

We believe success or failure in life is shaped more by the way children are groomed to learn in their elementary years of schooling than by the IQ they were born with. We have introduced an integrated learning approach that focuses on modern methodologies and a rigorous curriculum, which is the key to developing academically tenacious students

The School Offering:

The Core Curriculum - Provides students with the knowledge required by the board using simpile techniques for genuine engagement Supplementary Curriculum - aims at providing students with additional instruction which includes innovate and co-scholastic programmers. Value Added Curriculum - Attempts further contribution towards learning outcomes through set of innovative learning programmes

21st Century Skills - Programme emphasis the goal of finding suitable employment and acquiring the skills, necessary to help students succeed in the job market for their chosen field of occupation

Vikanand Memorial Public School Raisinghnagar Rajasthan brings an experience of global standards of education. The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, India. We offer a blend of academic, cultural, technological and globally connected activities within a dynamic environment.

Vivekanand Memorial Public School.
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