School Library role

The vision, principles and management of your school library can be recorded in any school library management statement. This document reflects our school’s vision for learning and underpins your library’s services, and organisation.

Learning and teaching. The school library provides a model for inquiry learning and building knowledge and confidence in seeking and processing information. The school library is pivotal to developing 21st century learners.

There is a large and growing body of evidence showing the impact of the school library on student achievement.

It is a fundamental resource for supporting students’ learning, and a key support for teaching staff. Your school library reflects and encourages collaborative learning and sharing of ideas.

Literacy and reading. School libraries are places for learning and thinking, and play a key role in supporting and developing enjoyment of reading and multiple literacies.

Detail of Library

Library facilities
1 size of Library in sq. feet
2 No. of Periodicals 2 (Rajasthan Patrika & Seema Sandesh)
3 No. of Dailies 2
4 No. of Reference books 
Class No. of Books
Nursery 50
LKG 45
UKG 65
1 60
2 55
3 56
4 60
5 40
6 67
7 63
8 70
9 75
10 62
11 Sc 50
11 Com. 45
12 Sc. 40
12 Com. 40